AdoramaPix Metal Photograph Review

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Disclaimer: As a member of, we receive offers for products to receive and review on our own blogs. We received this hexagonal metal print in exchange for a review, but the content is completely our own opinion. We were not asked to create a positive review, but rather an honest one, which you will find below.

We chose to create a 9.5” x 11” hexagonal metal print from of our family taken during our last trip to the Badlands in March. I was very excited about the opportunity to create a sturdy, durable print of our family to have in my classroom. I was not disappointed when it arrived!DSC03148

This print is crystal clear in all its HD glory, with no blurring or pixilation. When you put your photo into their editing program, it actually lets you know whether the photo is going to be too pixelated for their production or if it will turn out crisp. I appreciated that since we use HD cameras, and expect our prints to be of the highest quality.

The unique hexagonal shape of this print is very eye-catching. Students and staff that come into my classroom have commented regularly on the print. In addition, its metal design is very rugged and would stand up to anyone knocking it over or brushing up against it. Although I have not tried intentionally, I believe that it is quite scratch-resistant by looking at the high-gloss coating on the front.DSC03155

As for mounting, there are several options to choose from when ordering your print. We chose the option for hanging or propping up on a desk, which results in two flexible pieces on the back. Now, keep in mind that the whole piece is metal, so it appears you will have to make your mounting


Once bent to prop on a table, the stand does not flatten again.

choice on arrival and stick with it since the metal props will not bend back to flat after being molded into the shape you choose. In other words, I tried out the prop up for the table, which I liked very much, but then changed my mind and wanted to hang it on the wall. Unfortunately, I could not “unbend” the table foot to allow the photo to be flush against the wall. In some ways, it does look good pushed off the wall a bit, giving it even more “pop” in the room. But it was a bit frustrating when I wanted a smoother, flat look against my wall.

As for the product to value, I feel with the durability of this product, the cost of $42 is reasonable, but it pays to create an account and receive their discount emails. They are often running sales for 10-15% off or BOGO products, making the product even more worth the money. Hexagonal prints are only the tip of the iceberg. They offer many shapes and sizes, metal, acrylic, canvas, and glossy or matte finishes. Mounts include wall float, pedestal, easel, and more. We are looking forward to creating more amazing memories for our home walls from Adoramapix in the future! You can save right now by visiting their website! Our readers get to save 25% off Hexagon Metal Prints! Use promo code: PXHEXMTL25 (expires 06/15/2016).DSC03150

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