Our September #FindYourPark Photo Challenge!

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This month’s Twitter #FindYourPark photo challenge will be all about the amazing colors we find in our parks! Each day will bring a new hue, and we invite you to play along with us. No prizes, just for the love of the National Parks, both in the US and abroad. Last time we had some A-ma-zing photos from Canada and Japan in addition to the USA! Hop on over to Twitter and give us a shout. As always, be sure to tag #FindYourPark and #parkchat, and tag us as well @naturetechfam, or reply to our daily intro post. We really look forward to seeing parks from around the world as we head into National Public Lands Day on Saturday, September 24th!

All dates are for September 2016:

  • 17th: Red
  • 18th: Orange or Brown
  • 19th: Yellow
  • 20th: Green
  • 21st: Blue
  • 22nd: Violet
  • 23rd: Silver,Gray, or White
  • 24th: GOLD! (or the Golden Hour)


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