Guest Post: Fall Camping at Its Finest

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It’s October.  Some people pack away their camping gear for the season.  But fall camping, especially Late fall camping, can be really enjoyable.  A chill in the air, and if you’re lucky, a dusting of snow, and amazing early morning views make it a great experience.

Perfectly clear morning for fall camping.This photo is one that was taken on one of those mornings last fall.  Our camping trip that weekend had the entire range of weather, from a warm fall day, leading into a really cold night.  Our afternoon was warm with a clear blue mid October sky.  The clear sky helped the day transition into a very cool evening, eventually dipping down to 25 degrees.  A cool breeze kept everyone huddled around the campfire for dinner that evening.  The tents and warm sleeping bags felt great when it was time to turn in.

We awoke the following morning to find a dusting of snow on our tents (and everywhere else).  I was one of the first ones up, and got to enjoy one of my favorite parts of a camping trip.  Watching a sunrise over a lake on a quiet morning.  There was a glassy smooth surface on the lake, and just a little bit of early morning mist hovering over the surface.  The early morning sky promised another great day.  I peaceful scene like this is my favorite part of any camping trip.

So get out and enjoy some fall camping.  Enjoy the peace and quiet, and most of all, enjoy the fall scenery!  For some tips on staying warm, I have an article on winter camping on my own web site, which has some cold weather tips which will also be helpful for fall camping.

Bob Simmons

Special thanks to the Simmons Family for this beautiful imagery and for drawing us in to their cozy world of fall camping! Be sure to check out more of their useful and unique tips, recipes, and reviews on their website!

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