Scrape-A-Round Ice Scraper Tool Demo

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The Scrape-A-Round Ice Scraper

I’ll admit, I love new gadgets. I love new technologies, too. And when I was contacted to test out this new windshield ice remover, I was excited… but skeptical. The set of three scrapers arrived, and it was still above freezing for several more weeks. Each day I looked out in the morning, each day – no ice.

Finally, on Christmas Day, we received a blizzard that began with some freezing rain – enough to coat the cars with ice! As you can see in the video above, we were both blown away at how effective the Scrape-A-Round is at removing ice from the windows with very, very little effort. I wish it had iced over before Christmas, because I am pretty sure I would have bought one of these for all of my kids’ teachers, aides, and the principals, too! In fact, there’s still plenty of winter left, so that may just happen anyway…

The conical shape of this scraper is what makes it so efficient. I hardly had to press down at all to make the ice peel right off the windows. Best of all, it stores away nicely in the car, unlike the unwieldy pole scrapers that always seem to be poking SOMEONE in the leg! After scraping the entire car, my arm was not tired, nor did my hands cramp from pushing like the dickens to get through the 1/8″-1/4″ of ice. I’m sold. And you should be, too!

You can order the Scrape-A-Round from their website ( Our set is called the Complete System, and includes 3 sizes and features.

Disclaimer: Through we were sent this product to test and review. All descriptions and thoughts on the product are our own, and we were not compensated for the review in any way beyond the product.

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