UST Heritage Campfire Kit Gear Demo

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UST Heritage Campfire Kit Demo

The UST Heritage Campfire Kit is a fire starting set crafted with an old time look and feel. It features everything you’ll need to get a roaring campfire in a matter of minutes. Lightweight and compact, it’s a classy addition to your survival pack or every day carry bag.

The set includes:
-Heritage SparkLite: Lightweight fire starter that produces sparks in even the worst conditions.
-Kindling Logs (9): Natural bailed fire starting kindling logs in a resealable plastic bag.
-Heritage Light-Me™ Tinder (12): Small, fibrous fire starting tinder pieces housed in a compact tin.
-Learn & Live™ Fire Building Cards: Reference guide outlining step-by-step instructions on how to successfully build a fire.

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As always, hike and adventure at your own risk! Be safe out there.Heritage campfire kit

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