Guest Post: Easy Camping Hack – The Wet Shoe Hanger

Have you ever camped out during the rainy season? It’s a mess, right? Aside from traversing muddy trails and bringing additional insulating and water-resistant gears for the unpleasant weather, it’s inevitable to get your shoes and clothes soaking wet designed with splatters of mud. Oh, what a great day to camp!

However, you can prevent the misery brought by the weather by having the right gear and some wet-weather camping hacks. One of the easiest and quickest camping hacks is using a malleable hanger to dry your wet shoes up. Instead of wearing wet shoes for the whole camping duration because you think that there’s no way to dry them up, you’re lucky enough to have come across this post because we’ll be demonstrating how to cut drying time in half by using a hanger.

How to Dry Wet Shoes Using a Hanger

Step 1.  Take an old wire coat hanger that can easily be molded.

Step 2. Put your palm under the side of the hanger. Your palm should cover at least 4 to 5 inches length from the edge of the hanger’s side. Squeeze the area covered by your palm until the side assumes the shape of a loop.

Step 3. Bend the looped side upwards at a 90-degree angle.

Step 4. Do steps 2-3 for the opposite side

Step 5. With both sides bent, your hanger should look like a trident.

Voila! Now you have your shoe hanger. The last thing you need to do is to find a tree branch or a sturdy twig to hang the hanger. Even better – hang your shoes in front of a 12-volt fan! Wet camping shoes? Not today! Say no to soaking wet shoes ever again with this wire hanger hack. Cheers!

Guest Post by Cindy at Hunt and Lunch:  Cindy is an avid outdoor enthusiast who shares her knowledge, experiences, and wildlife survival tips gained through the years in her blog, Hunt And Lunch. She’s now busy being a mother to two wonderful kids. She finds time to write about her passion and experiences in the hopes of helping her fellow outdoor enthusiasts and to relive the joy of being outdoors.

Thanks for sharing this tip, Cindy!!

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  1. Ben ayad

    Wow – fantastic trick there. never would have thought of that. I hate wet clothes too almost more than wet shoes. Do you know of any tricks like that for drying clothes quickly other than just simply hanging them up?


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